The difference between Mosaic Travel and other travel agents:

There are many travel agencies out there that are ‘round peg, square hole’ agencies. They’re not really interested in customizing the travel experience to your needs and wants, nor are they interested in taking the time to truly listen and learn what those needs and wants are in the first place. They want the sale, and to move on to the next person in line. They offer a product that’s very cookie cutter, not very creative and certainly not customized to your unique needs and desires.

We take the time to listen to you and learn from you. Mosaic Travel isn’t interested in obtaining the sale of just your first trip. We want your business every time you travel, and not only that…we want to do such a good job that you recommend us to your friends, family and colleagues too.

We strive to hear every time a client comes home from their vacation, that ‘it was their best vacation ever’.

“Why use a travel agent? I book online…”

  • For many of us, booking an airline ticket or hotel online is easy enough to do ourselves. You probably don’t need an agent to do this for you, but here are some advantages to having us book your hotel and/or airline tickets.
  • In our GDS (Global Distribution System) we have direct connect access with most hotels and airlines worldwide, so we see all their rates and promotions on our screens. Do you qualify for a AAA rate? Do you receive benefits as Visa World card holder? Do you want to take advantage of an advance purchase discount? Are you an AARP member? These are just a few of the various rate categories that we see and that might be available to you.
  • Most of the time, if you book a hotel online you need to pay for it upfront. If you change your plans or have to cancel the room you’re often under cancellation penalties at the point that you press the button to buy. If we book it in our system, we can often guarantee the room with a credit card and if your plans change or you need to cancel your reservation, you can..often right up until the day of travel, with no penalty at all.
  • If you have a problem with your hotel room once you arrive at your destination, do you think there is anyone ‘online’ that will help you? I think not.
    We’re an advocate for you.
  • Because we are part of The Signature Consortium and are members of Travel Leaders and Tzell Travel Group, we have access to negotiated rates and amenities, (such as better rates, free breakfast, upgrades, early/late check-in, spa/resort credits, etc.) with hundreds of hotels worldwide. We’re also preferred with Ritz…
  • Airline tickets .

Here’s the scenario..

You book an airline ticket. It snows the day you are scheduled to travel and your flight is cancelled. You either 1) call the airline and wait on hold for hours or 2) wait in line at the airport, only to find once you arrive at the front of the line that the next few days of flights are sold out. They’re sold out because an agent at Mosaic travel rebooked her clients in those seats, and got them on the very next flight headed to their destination.

Bottom line… We save you time and money!

Booking more complex trips..

We often have clients come to us after researching a trip online and tell us how much more confused they are now than when they started their research. There’s so much information online, both good and bad, and it can be very overwhelming.

Having worked in the travel business since 1981, I have traveled to many destinations worldwide, have lived and traveled extensively in Europe, and have stayed and/or visited hundreds of hotels and cruise lines. Admittedly, we can’t know it all. When we don’t, we have several tools we use when constructing a trip for a client.

  • Sourcing info from colleagues at Tzell
  • We subscribe to travel industry services that provide impartial reviews of hotel
    properties and cruise lines reviewed annually
  • We contact our worldwide on-site destination specialists (Tzell or Signature
  • We rely upon suppliers and contacts at tourist boards who are specialists in their
    particular region of the world

We constantly attend seminars, webinars, familiarization trips, and trainings, in order to constantly learn and keep up to date on what is new and relevant in the industry.

We strive to hear every time a client comes home from their vacation, that “it was their best vacation ever.”

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